Find Yourself Walking Alone? Maybe Ask Better Questions

Questions for Dating and Married Couples


Looking for the right person to spend your life with?  It’s never easy – But it can be easier, If YOU Ask the Right Questions for Dating Couples seeking Committed Relationship.

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If you are in a relationship – regardless of where you are in the life of it – Just starting out dating – Close to matrimony or already Married…

You are already asking yourself such important questions, as:

Questions for Dating Couples

Are we really ready for this relationship?

  • Have we dealt with the baggage of our failed relationships yet? Completely?
  • What do our family and friends think about our relationship?
  • Do we have enough in common to make this relationship succeed?
  • Are we spiritually compatible?  How different are our beliefs?
  • Am I trying to rescue my lover from a painful life?
  • Is my lover respectful of my family and friends? Of me?
  • Should we receive counseling before we get engaged?
  • Are we really In LOVE? – Click to Find Out
  • Is my lover the right person for me?  Am I the right person for her/him?
  • Do we both want to start or extend our family?
  • Etc….

Of course, these represent a mere fraction of the possible but vital questions each of us needs to know…

But there are far more questions, those that delve deeper into your love and life… that need to get asked and answered.

The problem for most of us, is that we don’t know what those questions are, or if we have some ideas, we are not certain how to bring them up or we are simply afraid to ask them…And on top of that – interpreting the responses we get can be bewildering too, or frustrating or perhaps give us more questions…

You NEED a Dating Game Plan – Marriage Game Plan – A Plan to Make Your Relationship The Best It Can BE!

So, to help you with making the most important decisions of your life – those that impact your loving relationships (and ultimately your happiness in your relationship) – Here’s the Most Amazing Guide on the insightful questions every couple should address – whether contemplating a first or second marriage, still dating, or in a committed relationship full-tilt Click Here to Learn the Questions YOU Need to Ask 

Let’s face it – only half of all first-time marriages end in death (wait.. that’s the actual goal, remember?)  That means that half end in divorce.  But think of how many other relationships end in a pile of crap, as well!  How many people did you date or will you date, before you find the right person for you?? Did you know that second marriages have an even higher failure rate than first marriages? It’s ugly…

Wouldn’t it be better if you knew someone was or was Not the best fit for you, before you took the plunge? A second or third time? End the cycle of bad relationships today

Why do Second Marriages Fail at Such and Alarming 80%+ rate??  Well, have you considered that there are many important questions that couples considering marriage ala “Chapter 2” need to cover?

Conversations for Couples Who Are Serious

  • Have I dealt with all my own baggage from my first marriage failure?
  • Is my new lover ready for a committed relationship?
  • I know my lover hates their EX and was broken badly in their divorce…Have they grieved the loss?
  • Have I grieved the loss of my first marriage?  Seriously – you may be rejoicing at the finality of your first marriage/divorce, but you’ve got baggage… Have you dealt with it? If not… seriously – Get the Book and fix yourself…You are broken and no good to anyone, especially yourself, until you grieve, heal and forgive…
  • How do we put two families together and remain intimate.. or sane for that matter?

Questions for dating couples who are starting over after a failed marriage are even more important than for those staring matrimony in the eyes for the first time…

WHY? Your time is shorter. Your tolerance for bad relationship is zero and more…

Knowing exactly what questions to ask yourself, and your partner is vital to making “Chapter 2” relationships last.

Get the questions you need to ask – Click Here – It’s a Great Resource for anyone who is in or wants to be in a wonderful relationship… Time is ticking –  No, not on the price – Time is ticking on the number of days you have left on this earth.

Why not spend them with the best person for you… Buy the book today – Read the book today – Ask the tough questions, the serious questions, the fun questions and the tough questions… and get the committed relationship you hunger for – the relationship you deserve.

All my best – Oh – And don’t worry – The book is guaranteed… that means no risk, unlike that blind date you are gonna be on if you don’t figure out the person you are and the one you are with… just sayin’ 🙂

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